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I have been going to Nature Cures Clinic for years and love their knowledgeable and helpful staff and the excellent care I get for primary care, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, IV therapy and more. The doctors combine evidence-based scientific research with holistic therapies and look for the root of the problem instead of managing symptoms with

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Alan P.

“I originally started seeing Dr. Eckel after a car accident. He has since become my primary physician. Based on my experience, my whole family now relies on Nature Cures doctors as our first call for all healthcare needs. The things that stand out about them from the outset are that they take the time to

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Anna R.

“Dr. Eckel is the best health practitioner I’ve ever seen hands down. When I came to my first appointment I was so sick and had seen at least 10 doctors while only getting sicker and spending fruitless money. From the moment I met him, Dr. Eckel has been kind, attentive, realistic, and dedicated. At first,

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“I have cranky knees that have lost the range of motion. I’m standing up straighter and aligning my spine, I feel less achy!”  

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“In the week since I got the injection, the pain level is only at a 3 (compared to a 9 before). I can feel the blood flow getting in there now, it feels like I have taken a hand full of ibuprofen.”

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Brenda T.

“Dr. Greg Eckel is probably the best naturopathic doctor I’ve ever worked with. This man REALLY cares. I went there to address my insomnia, backaches, diet, asthma, and nutrition and he’s addressing not just those issues but my entire body as a whole. I’m healthier, I’m off medications, and instead, he creates a blend of

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I could not walk down the hallway in a brisk walk without hurting my back, and now I don’t even notice. I’ve seen some slight permanent changes (from other clinics) but nothing like what I got from this. I would probably categorize the money I spent on this treatment as the best money I’ve ever

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“I woke up wondering what else I would not be able to do that day? I was progressing downward so fast that every day something else was not happening again. I was like, “Oh my god, here’s another thing I can’t do.” And then I started taking the Makuna, and within two hours of taking

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