Team Member

Teal Bettis

Teal Bettis

Doctor of Naturpathic Medicine


Teal Bettis, our Patient Ambassador has been working in Regenerative medicine for the last three years. Driven by her intense curiosity in holistic health, Teal brings an exciting element to our team. Teal takes pride in providing phenomenal patient care. She does not just make you feel welcomed; she makes you feel like part of our NCC family.

Teal is a wife and mother of two teenagers, two cats, and two Sugar Gliders. Previously an Art Literature teacher, Teal loves to paint with watercolors in her spare time. She loves the outdoors and ‘being anywhere near water.
If you are lucky, you might even catch her doing guest vocals for many Portland city bands. She has been known to bringing down the house singing the likes of Amy Winehouse and Etta James

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