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Team Member

Brynna Shoob

Brynna Shoob

COO/Chief Integrator


Brynna Shoob is a graduate of Portland State University and has a 20+ year background in healthcare. She has assisted in running medical facilities and offices ranging from mental health care to prosthetics to natural medicine. Her area of genius lies in the administrative role of creating an environment where healing can take place.
Brynna is passionate about helping as many people as possible find ways to bring eastern and western medicine together in natural ways. Through her own journey, she has found nontraditional treatments beneficial and wants to share that gift with others.
As the COO/Chief Integrator at Nature Cures Clinic, Brynna has the opportunity to effect change by being the backbone of the team- behind the scenes, making sure that all the moving parts are in place- so that the healing can happen every day through the rest of our dream team.

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