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Alexandra Moskowitz

Alexandra Moskowitz

Doctor of Naturpathic Medicine


Born and raised in Portland, Alexandra (Alex) Moskowitz has always had a love for medicine. From humble beginnings at her parent’s Chiropractic clinic to studying Medicine around the world. She has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant, an Emergency Room Technician at OHSU, and an Anatomy Lab Technician. Originally on the traditional medical route, the COVID-19 pandemic required that all medical students be evacuated back to their home states. Attempting to complete her online education, Alex became increasingly distressed at how her fellow colleagues and the medical field as a whole were dealing with this global health crisis. This led to her decision to step away from traditional medicine and learn more about holistic forms of healthcare and how to better treat people as a whole. Her goal is to apply to an Osteopathic school in 2022.

Alex graduated magna cum laude from the University of Portland in 2017 with a B.S. in Biochemistry|Chemistry and a minor in Psychology. Later obtaining a Masters in Medical Sciences from Northumbria University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Alex has an interest in Human Anatomy and broadening her knowledge of the medical field.

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