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WTH?!? Episode 111: Circadian Rhythms and Skin Health with Dr. Michelle Jeffries

In this episode, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Jeffries discuss longevity, and more specifically: circadian rhythms and skin health. What are clock jeans; where are they located? How do they work? What are the connections between clock genes and your skin health. Dr. Jeffries explains what other body clocks connect to your skin clock genes (i.e. hormoneclock, gutclock, sleepclock). Learn why it's important to align your clock genes within your body to the rhythm of the world around you in order to increase skin health and overall optimal health. Learn the five simple steps Dr. Jeffries recommends to align your sleep clock with the circadian rhythm of the day/night cycle in your region. These steps calm your nervous system, help improve cognitive function, decrease inflammatory cortisol disease, and assist with the rest/digest phase of your gut.

July 8, 2022

Dr. Michelle Jeffries

Dr. Michelle Jeffries is a board-certified Integrative Dermatologist in private practice in Phoenix, AZ and is the CEO and Founder of The SkinClock Method. She is a triple board-certified osteopathic physician in Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jeffries also has a Masters degree in Psychology and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. Her unique training and background has led her to a comprehensive “inside AND out” approach to skin health that blends the principles of holistic beauty with the natural health cycles of your body, universal laws of nature, ancient teachings, modern dermatology, functional nutrition, and spiritual consciousness for truly holistic skincare.

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