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WTH?!? Episode 112: ADHD and Autism with Dr. Juliana Nahas

In this episode, Dr. Eckel and Juliana Nahas discuss the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. As well as how nutrient deficiencies impact neurotransmitter production and function. Dr. Juliana Nahas is an expert in pediatric health and gives us tips on how to provide self-care to ourselves and loved ones.

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WTH?!? Episode 110: Your New Diet with Dr. David Perlmutter

In this episode, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Perlmutter discuss simple dietary edits focused on reducing fructose and foods high in “purines” that can raise uric acid. Dr. Perlmutter talks about the natural hacks we can do that lower your levels, such as: consuming tart cherries, vitamin C, quercetin, and even coffee. He also explains how

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