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EP 94: WTH?!? Health in Flames: A doctors RX beyond diet and exercise, Dr. Vimal George

Dr. Eckel and Vimal George will be talking about Chronic disease as their main topic. Within this they will touch upon: – The rise of chronic disease even as infectious disease has declined. – How modern day employment often adversely affects health (sedentary jobs, long hours, minimal attention to diet due to time constraints, poor sleep and stress). – Other ways that consumerism adversely affects health (environmental degradation, engineering out the need for exercise by chasing convenience instead of happiness). – How any person can escape the toxic mix of factors that push people toward unhealthy living. – How society as a whole can also escape this toxic mix of factors by implementing a few sensible policies.

September 3, 2021

Vimal George

Today’s podcast features Vimal Thomas George, MD, MSc practices medicine at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife and two children. With a medical degree, a master’s degree in healthcare quality and safety management, and experience as the executive quality director of his clinic, he has a unique and broad understanding of population health.

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