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EP 93: WTH?!? Podcast with founder and coach, Tina Nagel

In this episode, Dr. Eckel and Tina Nagel will talk about trauma and how we all perpetrate the cycle, and more specifically: reaction is rooted in the past experience, leaps over the present moment, and creates chaos in future moments.

September 3, 2021

Tina Nagel

Tina Nagel is a relationship-driven business owner who loves to CAUSE and disrupt current leadership status quo. Tina works with individuals, teams, and groups of all sizes to collaborate with the innate state of awareness that she calls BEING. Tina shares proven, in-depth expertise in leadership development, organizational design, performance management, training, and communications.
As a master certified life coach, a peer human, and a retired corporate leader Tina brings humor, tenacity, truth, and grace to the world today.

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