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EP 137 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: The Human Longevity Project with Jason Prall

Jason made this docu-series for many reasons. The world is entering a future where there's a big focus on regenerative medicine. People are trying to live their best life, free of as much pain and stress as possible; ultimately trying to discover harmony. What does a healthy life look like and what are the fundamentals of health? Jason is on a journey to discover why in our modern world–full of technological advances and breakthroughs–we have higher levels of chronic disease than ever before. In this interview, Dr. Eckel and Jason Prall dive into the aging process and what it looks like from every level of the body. It's so easy to get lost in the mechanics of aging because it is so complex. People often want to reverse aging, but aging is inherent and a part of life. What we can do is reverse the effects of aging. The damaging effects that lower our quality of life. Aging happens every minute at every scale, notably at: the quantum level, the biochemical level, outside of the cell, in our organs, tissues, and our entire system. This entire scale is in communication with each other all of the time helping provide us with a quality of life. The Human Longevity Project dives into all of this, as well as how we can learn the fundamentals of health seen in cultures all around the world and incorporate them into our modern ways of living. Jason went around the world and found people who were in their 100's. He navigated through small communities and villages with translators and interviewed them. These people were from all sorts of different cultures, have different ideals, practices, and environments the live in. The commonality between them all is health. Dr. Eckel and Jason then move into the importance of a community. As humans, if we do not feel safe or the sense of belonging in a group, we are negatively affecting our health. Humans need to feel safe and connected and this helps our nervous system relax. When we can relax, we open up a path to live our life as heart-centered beings. We develop so much dissonance in our nervous system due to the trauma we collect and hold throughout our life. In the small communities and villages Jason explored, he found that they were all connected and safe. Not only within the family units, but throughout the whole village. Make sure to tune into the Human Longevity Project and collect all of the wisdom Jason has curated for us. There is something for everyone, no matter what stage of life your'e at. Each episode builds on the next and provides us with valuable information for how to live life to the fullest.  

January 25, 2023

Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author, & filmmaker. In 2018, his independent research and experience as a practitioner led him to create “The Human Longevity Project”, a 9-part film series that uncovers the true nature of chronic disease in our modern world.

He’s currently working on his next film series that explores ancient methods of healing mind, body, and soul from indigenous cultures around the world. And he’s recently released his best-selling, new book titled, “Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age”.

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