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EP 135 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Reverse Your Psoriasis with Dayna Hrovath

What is psoriasis? It is an autoimmune type skin condition. It varies person to person, but can be on an entire body (head to feet). Patches can be large to small and are most commonly found on the elbows and knees. How does one get psoriasis? There are many factors that play a role: genetics, past childhood trauma, stressors that trigger the immune system, environmental toxins, negative relationships, exercising too much (driver higher levels of cortisol), gut-health, and many more. All of these factors have an underlying issue: inflammation. In order to start to see results, you must lower your inflammation. How can you do this? Expose yourself to clean air, get quality sleep / nutrition / movement, rid your environment of toxins, and keep a positive mindset. Psoriasis makes up about 3% of the of the world's population and about 8 million people in the United States. One actionable step Dayna gives us is to remove gluten from our diet (it takes 4 hours to digest in our gut) and can be an inflammatory trigger. By removing gluten you take the burden off of your gut, brain, and skin. Interested in seeing what Dayna has to offer? -Psoriasis Webinar: https://drgregeckel.krtra.com/t/o3LDkzx4WyXc -3-Day Jumpstart Ebook: https://drgregeckel.krtra.com/t/ZShGc3K6Mua4 -Book Your Discovery Call Today: https://drgregeckel.krtra.com/t/2zdVOUNW519c

January 11, 2023

Dayna Hrovath

Dayna is an expert in psoriasis. She has been helping frustrated people with psoriasis improve itch, pain, and rash using a unique approach to psoriasis that few in the healthcare world have access to. So…why does she work with psoriasis? Dayna has been a Dermatology PA since 2005. Since high school, she knew that was what she wanted to do. She loves working with people to help their resolve their skin issues. A few years ago she started having health issues that weren’t being adequately addressed by conventional medicine. Dayna turned towards alternative methods and was amazed at what can be done to actually improve a condition instead of just covering up the symptoms. This isn’t what people are taught in their medical training. Dayna wanted to give people another option, help them improve their skin and overall health…EMPOWER them. Dayna understands that having a healthcare plan that lets you take control of your own health is paramount to one’s success. She understands this challenge very well and pledges to help your listeners lower inflammation so they can love the skin they’re in, without medications.

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