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EP 131 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: How to Recover From Chronic Illness with Dr. Herman

In this episode of What the Health?!?, Dr. Nadal is joined by Dr. Herman, who focuses on recovery from chronic illness through natural medicine. Dr. Nadal and Dr. Herman explore their individual stories of what brought them to natural medicine. Dr. Herman discusses what’s missing for a lot of people in functional medicine. Want to hear more interviews with profound health experts. Subscribe to our channel!

November 21, 2022

Dr. Lonnie Herman

A little bio on Dr. Lonnie Herman:

“A typical patient I see is someone suffering from an “incurable” and progressively devastating disease, such as Lupus, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, or Fibromyalgia. By the time I see them, they’ve exhausted all the possible medical alternatives, spent a lot of money, have attempted an alternative medicine path, and only got worse. These people include patients of all ages. They come from all over the world. My greatest passion is giving true hope to every patient that walks through my door, and to fulfill the promise of helping them. So far, thousands of my patients have fully recovered their optimal health and their lives are now a reflection of a fulfilled hope they came to see me for.”

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