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EP 123 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Light, Energy, and Vibrational Therapies

In this episode of What the Health?!? The Doctor's Chat, we welcome Dr. Greg Eckel back to the show. Him and Dr. Jonathan Nadal jump into the topic Life is Vibration, and how energy can be used to help heal. They lay down the framework of matter in order for you to understand some of the complex topics that are discussed. The field of energy is larger than anyone can imagine. Within this field, there are frequencies specific to abundance, joy, and happiness, each of which we can create ourself. Dr. Eckel speaks on what this actually looks like. Dr. Eckel and Dr. Nadal discuss the limitless possibilities once you reach the quantum field. When you're in your body and in the physical state, it can take forever to make change (especially from matter to matter). Once you become in-tune to your frequencies, there is more freedom to make rapid and significant change. Hint: it comes down to enhancing your level of consciousness. Energy flows where intention flows. This is a big contributor to the why placebo is so effective; the intention around it is so pure and focussed. So how do we get our innate intention to thrive? We first need to become more in tune with our body in order to create a heart-body connection. Schedule a free consult with our doctor's today: https://naturecuresclinic.com/.

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