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EP 120 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Life is Vibration!

In this episode of What the Health?!? The Doctor's Chat, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Nadal dive into what exactly energy medicine is, and what does it look like in modern-day practices. Next our docs talk about how quantum fields are the future. What is the human biofield? Dr. Eckel and Dr. Nadal explain. Lastly, they explore light and sound therapies, especially how they speed up brain healing. If there is one thing you should do after tuning in, it's schedule a FREE consultation with our docs. Do you want to optimize your: ✅ brain function ✅ longevity and wellness ✅ pain ✅ constipation ✅ headaches ✅ brain fog   If that's a yes to any of those, schedule a FREE consult by visiting our website at https://naturecuresclinic.com/.

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