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EP 118 What the Health?!? The Doctor’s Chat: The Miracle Molecule with Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. Eckel and Dr. Lieurance discuss the melatonin miracle molecule and its role within health. Specifically, how melatonin protects our mitochondria, and what its delivery is into our body. They reveal other novel products to enhance our health, as well as the innovative therapeutics Dr. Lieraunce delivers in his Florida Clinic. His best selling book on Amazon–The Melatonin Miracle Molecule–speaks on the benefits of high dose melatonin, stem cell treatment, and methalyne blue IV's in clinic. After watching this episode, Dr. Lieurance gives you two actionable steps: read his book (The Melatonin Miracle Molecule) and start using their Sandman high dose melatonin/gluthatine suppositories.

August 27, 2022

Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN (board eligible) – Best Selling Author, Physician, Lecturer, and Scientific Advisor. After becoming severely ill with Lyme, EBV and Mold illness, he began to explore ways to improve health at the deepest cellular level. His journey brought him to discover Melatonin as the core anti-oxidant that supports all systems in the body. His book on melatonin takes a deep dive into healing naturally and using high dose melatonin, along with various other practical healing methods to heal the body and live a longer, more vital life. His life focus is on vitality, longevity and enhanced consciousness. His interest is in connecting what he calls, “The 3 legs of a stool”: Vitality of the body, Mind Mastery & a Direct experience of God.

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