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EP 109: WTH ?!? W/ The Quantum Pharmacist TK HUYNH

*What is the pain matrix? *How do you resolve pain without using opiates? *What are some of the life-styles changes that have to occur? *What does LOVE, PEACE, JOY, AND SECURITY have to do with pain? *Can grounding and meditation help with pain?

April 18, 2022


Dr. TK Huynh is known as The Quantum Pharmacist, a Functional Energy Medicine expert. He have a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative Functional Medicine. Using a combination of ancient energy medicine techniques and advance technologies, he created a coherence bio-information cream that liberate your minor aches and pain in 60 seconds via the emotional stress matrix. His company, MindBody Matrix have 25 years passion mission of help everyone find PEACE and lives a pain-stress free life.

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