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EP 106: WTH ?!? Restorative Wellness W/ Anne Fischer Silva

*Early detection *What to look for on standard blood chemistry that can indicate neurodegeneration is occurring before overt symptoms appear. *How specific brain testing can be helpful *How to avoid it happening and what you can do if you already have symptoms.

April 18, 2022

Anne Fischer Silva

Anne Fischer Silva is the founder of Restorative Wellness Solutions, which provides advanced education for health practitioners. Anne’s vision is to ultimately change the prevailing paradigm of what constitutes health and how that is achieved.
Anne has been in practice for 23 years and works with the sickest clients who aren’t getting answers – those with autoimmune conditions, biotoxin illness, and neurological imbalances. Her current passion is focused on “healthspan” – ensuring we stay mentally and physically fit for the entirety of our lifespan.

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