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#082 Molecular hydrogen to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation featuring Paul Baratierro

Paul will discuss how molecular hydrogen (H2) reduces oxidative stress and inflammation and modulates immune function. Did you know that hydrogen (H2) has the following properties? selective antioxidant neuroprotective immune modulator

June 17, 2021

Paul Barattiero

Paul Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 22 years. 12 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the vast benefits of molecular hydrogen. His message has focused on the critical role of molecular hydrogen (H2) to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. His lectures present the causal problem and the solutions through scientific studies. He developed the Echo hydrogen water system as well as other products to modulate immune and cognitive function. Paul has lectured across the world and has been on national television in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland including Doug Kaufman’s television show Know the Cause. He was featured in “The Truth About Cancer” and has been on radio shows and podcasts worldwide. Paul works diligently to educate individuals on how to prevent disease and no longer suffer. Paul’s greatest joys come from serving others. He is passionate about the prevention of pathologies.

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