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#081 Gut-Brain connection, Addressing Mental Health Conditions Holistically

Tune in today to listen in on our conversation surrounding the gut-brain connection, addressing mental health conditions holistically. Many don't connect these up, our health starts in our gut, our neurotransmitters are formed there as well. There is more and more evidence of the connection of the microbiome and brain health.

June 17, 2021

Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Villanueva is the Founder and Chief Health Coach of Modern Holistic Health and
Creator of the Healthy Body Restoration System and Balance your Brain Program.
Dr. V is known for her work in the field of epigenetics and has studied under leading methylation and genetic doctors including Dr. Kendal Stewart and has been featured in numerous documentaries and summits so that she can share knowledge that is helping people overcome their chronic health struggles.

She is no stranger to debilitating health struggles. In her mid 30’s she struggled with severe debilitating anxiety, depression, and memory loss and was told by doctors that the only solution is a lifetime of medications.

After over 3 years of searching for answers and failed attempts to find solutions to heal herself, she started uncovering the many root causes of what had made her ill and how to fix them. Dr. Villanueva became an expert in chronic illnesses and brain chemistry imbalances, healing gut issues, epigenetics, and holistic medicine.

Her passion is empowering men and women to understand how they can heal truly
their body.

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