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#079 Peptides for Cognitive Decline

Tune in for this fun and exciting discussion with Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, CSSAc about what peptides may be able to help with cognitive decline. Regan is an expert on the topic and educates many providers worldwide through his GoWellness organization.

June 17, 2021

Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, CSSAc

Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, CSSAc, graduated with his Masters of Science from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii and went on to create the award-winning clinic, East-West Health Anodyne in 2004. East-West Health Anodyne has 4 locations throughout Utah and is one of the few clinics in the nation to successfully integrate traditional eastern medicine, cell therapy, peptides, and functional medicine. He’s created a patient experience that is unmatched in conventional medicine by creating a team of Medical doctors, health coaches, and acupuncturists who work side-by-side inpatient care.

Throughout his career, Regan has been a prolific writer, speaker, teacher, and instructor. He has inspired thousands with his insights for creating a new healthcare model for the future. He is the author of 7 books and has created training programs to help individuals find and maintain their health independence.

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