EP 101: WTH ?!? The Toxin Terminator W/ Aimee Carlson

Tune in to learn about removing hidden toxins from your own home to be free of chronic disease and has helped hundreds do the same. Aimee’s passion is giving hope to those who are still suffering, getting no relief from traditional medicine and ready to take control by detoxing and cleansing their health and environment.

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EP 96: WTH ?!? Brain Fog, what is it, what to do about it?

Tune in and find out what maybe at the root of your Brain Fog. Dr. Nadal and Eckel of Nature Cures Clinic discuss the differential and considerations in tackling this all too common symptom. From mitochondrial dysfunction, neuroinflammation from viruses, Lyme, and Mold, to simple vitamin deficiencies, tune in to find out how they are

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EP 95: WTH?!? Podcast with Jennifer Miele and Andreanna Rainville

In this episode, Dr. Eckel is hosting Jennifer Miele, and Andreanna Rainville. Jennifer Miele specializes in medical research and nutrition with extensive studies and over 18 years of experience in the integrative health field. Her approaches include functional medicine to immunology, photodynamic therapies among others. Ms. Miele is the director of Nube Health Inc. She

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