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EP 139 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Nootopia with Mark (Mr. Noots) Effinger

Mark knew he needed to try to eliminate the possibility of someone dying off a prescription overdose, so he began to discover an alternative solution. Mark is now Nootopia’s Chief Product Officer, where the BiOptimizers/Nootopia teams have continued to solve human condition issues and strive to address it most effectively and healthily as possible. Having

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EP 138 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Toxic Mold with Bridgit Danner

This episode focuses on Bridgit’s upcoming Toxic Mold Masterclass. Bridgit decided to create this masterclass because she has previously navigated through a toxic mold situation during her time in Portland, OR. She had been working extremely hard on her health and was not seeing any positive results. For some reason she was always exhausted; it

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EP 132 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Leaving a Legacy

In this episode of What the Health?!? Th Doctor’s Chat, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Jonathan Nadal dive into a discussion about longevity. What does it mean to “leave a legacy”? The docs talk about a life worth living and what it means to do it with purpose, meaning, and intention. What impact will we have

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EP 129 WTH?!? The Doctor’s Chat: Blue Light with Daniel Ebbett

In this episode of What the Health?!?, Dr. Jonathan Nadal is joined by Daniel Ebbetts to discuss how light affects our health as they break down common misconceptions about how the body responds to light. Ebbetts explains his journey from working in IT to having health issues relating to his lack of beneficial light exposure.

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