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Required Benefits Form for all Patients Using Insurance

Nature Cures Clinic is happy to bill your insurance for your visit; however, it is the patient's responsibility to be aware of her/his coverage and co-pay/co-ins as well as any deductible, restrictions, limits and maximums. We require all patients to have contacted their insurance company to check their benefits. Verification of eligibility is not a guarantee of payment and the patient will be responsible for any outstanding balances that the insurance company does not pay.

Please follow these steps when calling to find out your benefits and eligibility.

Call the number on your insurance card listed for customer service, benefits and eligibility, or subscriber services and ask the representative the following questions. Online benefits and insurance handbooks wills not give the same information as a live representative. When in doubt, ask for a supervisor.

Does my insurance plan follow a Fiscal or Calendar year schedule?
Do I have alternative care benefits?
Do you need a referral form my primary care provider (PCP) for alternative care benefits?
Is Nature Cures Clinic an In-Network or Out of Network provider with my insurance?
Is there a Co-pay per visit or per specialty?

(If you did not get the information that you needed- it is okay to ask for a supervisor. The insurance company works for YOU)

Please be aware that this is not a guarantee of payment, if an insurance company gives you inaccurate information, they may not honor the benefits that were quoted.

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