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#086 Infrared Saunas for Longevity, revitalization, and reducing inflammation with Phillip Wilson

Phillip explains all the benefits of far infrared light saunas. Infrared energy resonates with your water molecules, creating an increase in core body temperature by getting the water molecules and human organic cells to pulsate. Mobilizes the lymphatic system, increases micro-circulation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulates mitochondria to create ATP and nitric oxide

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#072: Unconscious Agreements We Make With Ourselves With Sarah Peyton

What exactly are we talking about? Have you ever noticed certain situations or feeling continually come your way? Ever just think, geez, when do I learn NOT to do that again? Wether it be in relationships, or business dealings you may have some unconscious contracts running. Find out how we create unconscious contracts. And how

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How To Stay In Good Health In Your Senior Years

As one progresses in age, health or fitness decline. It’s natural. During this time, numerous transformations occur in the body as it moves towards fragility. The bones and muscles lose their strength and stamina, the kidneys and other internal organs start malfunctioning and the vigor of the skin declines. But the fact is, health is

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