Brain Fog & Memory Loss

Brain fog is described as cognitive dysfunction that involves: memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and lack of mental clarity. Common causes of brain fog are: stress, diet, hormonal changes, medications, lack of sleep or serious medical conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypothyroidism etc.

Dementia Colloidal Gold The Memory Loss Tonic Stress Relief Too

Dementia is spreading like a disease. If you find yourself laughing about your memory loss and excusing it with your age…maybe the solution is truly golden… Colloidal is a solid (in this case gold) of minute particles, that remain in suspension in a surrounding liquid (in this case de-ionized water). Gold has always been the

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The Keys To A Healthy Mind: Who’s In Your Support Team?

Somewhere on your road to success, you’ll probably begin to understand that you are really never alone. There are amazing sources of strength and help everywhere you look—you just have to use them. You’ll have to look to find them and then know how to use them, but it beats the heck out of not

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Health Conditions That Can Benefit From A Gluten-Free Diet

While people who have celiac disease and gluten allergies most often eliminate gluten from their diet, there are other health conditions that can benefit from a gluten-free diet. In fact, you may find that eating gluten-free is the answer to what’s ailing you. One of the greatest benefits of eating a gluten-free diet can be

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