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Brain Fog & Memory Loss

Brain fog is described as cognitive dysfunction that involves: memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and lack of mental clarity. Common causes of brain fog are: stress, diet, hormonal changes, medications, lack of sleep or serious medical conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypothyroidism etc.

What is the Immune System?

While we are in the midst of the cold & flu season, you hear more and more about the immune system. How we can fight back against sickness. How we can boost the immune system. How to gain natural immunity. But no one talks about what exactly the immune system is. The immune system defends

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What is Brain Fog?

What is brain fog? What can you do to find out what’s causing it and how can you get rid of it? We’re here to address any questions you may have! When a person experiences brain fog, also known as clouding of consciousness, they become less mentally aware. Brain fog is a symptom of inflammation

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